Another lazy post i’m afraid. The pressures of online shopping, festive season drinks scheduling, advent calender opening and shock-horror actual work, is getting in the way from meaningful posting (an oxymoron in the world of fashion blogging?) Anyway first caught wind of this creative collaboration on dazedigital and then jess cartner-morley in the Guardian expressed her opinion on it – John Galliano’s Christmas Tree for Claridges. Claridges Hotel in London is one of the last bastions of all that is proper and elegant and seemly; John Galliano is the rambunctious buccaneer of the fashion industry. The world of afternoon tea met the whirlwind of savage fashion to create a Winter Wonderland. Galliano’s interpretation of a Christmas tree went up December 1st in the foyer at Claridges. The tree combines elements of the East and is cast in crystal and shimmering leaves to give the impression of a frozen tree.  Opinion is divided, but I think it’s a breath of fresh air.

Initial sketchings

The finished piece: A Christmas Tree Revised

Claridges: An experience in monochrome

The Crazy Coot himself