have been looking for some inspirational hair-do’s of late. i’m an all or nothin’ kinda gal – it’s all off or it’s all on and no in between. at the moment i’m in the ‘nothin’ frame of mind. this means no brushing, no styling, no grooming (i am washing though) – complete and utter indifference. this has resulted in matting and inadvertent dreadlocks, alongside every type of unwanted condition – dry, greasy, frizzy, fine, flyaway, lacklustre, heavy, straight, curly, blonde, red, dark – how is this even possible? well, the only conclusion is a dramatic reworking. i’m going from thatch to tress with a complete overhaul of the mane. trouble is: what to do? David Sims, Guido, and Joe McKenna check out the most hair-raising do’s of the season for V magazine.






i reckon i could surely rock one of these as long as i did it with enough aplomb? although it might be difficult nipping into the shop for a pint of milk.