I picked up this bad boy a month ago when I was still living in Barcelona. It looks like feathers eh? But what feathers? Before purchasing, my Spanish vocabulary was extended once more while learning all the different animals said feathers could have been plucked from. Eventually I was pretty sure I could settle on describing the jacket as being ‘plumas de faisan’  or pheasant feathers. (I love how fashion make me speak good.)

Anyway it turns out it’s a fake fur. (Piel sintética, in case you were wondering.) And I LOVE it. I bought it in Zara where there’s also a long coat version which would have been a smarter buy, but it looked strange on me. I don’t like how it’s cut around the collar and it doesn’t sit very well. Anyway this version is a bit more quirky. I like it best with bare arms underneath. In Barcelona it was perfect. All you needed was to put a long sleeved cardi underneath it and whip it off again when you got to the bar/nightclub. I wore it with high-waistd shiny leggings with an exposed zip from American Apparel and a bitchin bangle I picked up in Mango.

Now the problem is… it’s too big to go under a coat. So how the hell am I gonna wear it now that I’m back in soggy Ireland?


Mmmm feathery...