oh anna friel, my heart skips a beat whenever i see you with your perfectly painted red lips and your doll-like features. i swoon when i see you morph from 40’s pin up to i’m-with-the-band grunge, from sexy, red-light  femme fatale to fashion muse extraordinaire.  she is so extraordinarily beautiful in the most ordinary way. she swings all ways fashion-wise, with a prediliction to matching her style with her latest role (character acting much?) and does subtle sexy in a very powerful way. the woman can work a pair of dungarees and elevates the fresh-faced gym look to another level entirely. if she isn’t too busy, i’m going to ask her to play me in my biopic.


the subtler jessica rabbit?

working the wedding dress

cheryl cole sexypuss

and all the boys said 'oui'!

she just ran a marathon

giving kate a run for her money

high fashion edge in zoo magazine

edgy class

i don't approve per say, but fair play

swingin' it

she does a mean red lip

just sexy