I think it’s time to reintroduce the power of the line. The eye-line. It’s so easy to revert to (make-up) type – mine is smouldering grey/black with lots of mascara; for others it’s the matte red lip, playful fake lashes, or a trusted brown palette. Well I personally am gonna shake some crazy right all over my face – starting with the Power-Line – observe Rihanna on the front of Weekend magazine…just a wink of cheeky pink under the bottom lashes and POW – sex on a pink stick. L.AM.B – make up range by Gwen Stefani, executed an electrifying bolt of neon yellow and brimstone red on a bare canvas for the Spring/Summer 2010 show. Perhaps the theme is really neon? Style magazine did a feature on gold last week – but this was no ordinary gold. Neon orange provided the backdrop for a gritty, golden veil – putting an edge into the usual razzle-dazzle.

Rihanna working a lick of pinkRihanna working a lick of pink

Neon smoulder

Danger Danger – High Voltage

Fire in the Disco!