I’m having illicit, naughty thoughts…to thigh or not to thigh? They’ve been lingering last thing at night, first thing in the morning and every daydream in between. I’m talking thigh high boots. Do I want them? Will I wear them? I think perhaps it is the inner kink trying to escape – buffered in the acceptability of a trend. Strutting the fine line between Pretty Woman cheap and Belle du Jour class. The thigh-high boot is suggestive, daring and risqué…but how to wear them? The boot itself has been tamed by the pairing of ribbed, woolly tights and classic tailoring. Shorts, skinnies, dresses, pinnies…all can be meshed well together as long as hemline common sense is applied. But that is really a matter of visual preference. The thigh high boot, one might say, is extremely versatile. Sold.

From the catwalk to the street (corner?)



Fendi High Class Kicks



Sergio Rossi does indie-stripper-zipper

Futurist hostessing a la Mrs Beckham

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