so all planning went out the window for my london trip. i happened across some innocuous looking shop in clapham, only to discover it was a veritable wonderland of quirky goods, and went on a buying binge. i got a lady gaga-power shoulder dress, a darling top that fuses marc jacobs, 1960s airhostess and fearne cotton and a pair of damn near perfect boots. the boots are deep grey, suede, small of wedge and high of style. and like a the proverbial happy pig in s*%t, i had to wear something new immediately. so on pops the dress, replete with stonewash jeggings, white cons and plenty of gold – 3 gold chains, including my nerd necklace and my knuckleduster. grey leather jacket and quilted black handbag that i nabbed for €1 in a charity shop finish it off. the hair was looking a bit limp so i enlisted a friend to get in on some backcombing action. more hairspray than you can shake a stick at…i should have come with a highly flammable warning…here is the ‘before’ – preceding a very unholy ‘after*’

somebody stole my lunch money.

* not suitable until after the watershed.