no no… i am not just slow on the uptake here as you all may think, i’m just reveling in the thought of how immaculate the style queens of new york city are ( i.e the fabulous cast of gossip girl). whilst researching for this post and prying on a million and one photos of the cast, i started to wonder – just how fashionable can one group of people be?  is their perfectness on the verge of unrealistic? actually, does it really matter? we haven’t seen this many exquisitely beautiful scarves, coats, jackets, dresses, bracelets, bags, shoes or necklaces since ‘sex and the city’, and even then, was it ever this good? i couldn’t help but wonder (excuse the pun), do the satc cast and crew ever wish they were as incredibly stylish back in the day? from the voluptuous ball gowns to the uniforms on gossipgirl, they never seem to put a jimmy choo wrong. keep up the good work!