are you sick of your man wearing jeans his mother bought? do you hate the sight of too-short trousers and too-tight skinnies? are you crestfallen with wind of yet another threadbare, cigarette burned, fruit of the loom hoody? do you despair at the seemingly endless procession of denim and striped shirts in the crowd? sensible shoes and slogan t-shirts, a remnant from college?
well unfortunately i can’t help you with that. the irish male, on the whole, does not do fashion. of course there are exceptions – and oh what a treat to see an irish male with a visual flair! yes you have the cutting edge trendies with a penchant for intellectual haircuts and wicked irony, you have the androgynous indie-disco kids pushing gender conventions, you have the artistes with their body-as-canvas approach, but even more conservatively it’s refreshing to see an irish man with just a whisper of dandy about him, or a hoody worn with edge. generally speaking however, it’s a sea of corduroy and stained pant-legs.
but for any of you interested in male fashion, cop a load of this beast – notwithstanding the delicious cover, AnOtherMan magazine is bursting with magnificent male fashion shot by high end photographers. handy pdf for quick online browsery and i must admit, a few fashion tips for the ladies.