With Rosanna Davidson and Off the Rails being heralded as the twin peaks of Irish Fashion, it is difficult not to despair at the seemingly derivative,  monotonous and uninspiring public face of fashion in Ireland. However, at the margins of the ‘luvvy’ activity, there is a vibrant, beating heart.  This fringe activity got an opportunity to perform at a recent exhibition. Aimee O’Beirne, up and coming fashion face to watch, got an opportunity to unveil the creative process live at the ‘For The Love Of Live…’ exhibition in Filmbase.9 artists were invited to produce original works in real time on the opening night, recreating the studio toil-and-slog for an avid audience. O’Beirne created an utterly dynamic dress – a beautifully constructed white base, with lashings of black ink, emusion, gloss and enamel almost thrown on the garment. The result is a gothic fairytale, the Ice Queen from the hood, the urban Cinderella. Raw, gritty and fun, this is the beating pulse of Irish fashion energy.