Today is indeed an auspicious day in the history of fashion – twenty years ago today the Berlin Wall came tumbling down thereby freeing up trade barriers and allowing the mass importation of blue jeans to the economically ravaged countries of the eastern bloc who had been sobbing out loud for fashionable western denim.

Ok, there’s more than a slight chance I’m trivialising one of the most momentous events of recent times for the sake of fashion but it provided a topical intro into my chosen subject – jeans.

Jeans, jeans …. how I love you so. Is there a more overlooked piece of statement fashion in the entire world than the humble pair of jeans?? Never a piece to be included in haute couture collections, 94.6% of women say it is the most relied on piece of clothing in their wardrobe*. It is the modern day corset, coveted for its shape shifting abilities – the right pair of jeans can transform a woman from average schlub to tight thighed and bummed goddess.

The search for the perfect pair of jeans can be holy grailish in nature – minute differences in shape, length and colour, that are all but invisible to the naked eye but which the wearer can instinctively feel can mean that out of 40 pairs of jeans tried on, only perhaps 2 or 3 pairs will make the final cut.

As a student, jeans constitute an incredibly important part of my daily attire. However, I’ve recently found myself in the unbelieveable position of having only two pairs of jeans in my wardrobe. The reason for this – all my other pairs slowly, but surely, succumbed to the phenomenon of crotch wear-out. While it sounds somewhat dodgy to the unaware, it is a well known curse of jeans. I have yet to meet a girl who has not lost a favourite pair of jeans to crotch wear-out, or who has found a way to prevent it. In fact, I’m still holding onto one of my favourite pairs (a pair of 2007 Seven for all Mankind, 80% off in the sale) in the hope that some magic gadget will one day appear that will enable me to seamless sew up the raggedy rips in the inside seam. I’m staying optimistic that JML, purveyours of the incredible Bobble-Off, will be the wizards who will fix this problem.





* a made up statistic.