uh oh… it has come to my attention that beyonce has been shopping in the same place as wag cheryl cole. whilst disappointingly watching the ema’s last night after losing a remote control tug-of-war with my younger sister, i spotted beyonce sporting a very similar david koma design to cheryl cole on the xfactor last weekend. now although i pretty much slated the dress to shreds last week, i must say that it doesn’t look half as bad on mrs. z herself. i may be biased because of my irrevocable love for beyonce (who else do you know that is a singer/songwriter/dancer/performer/designer and wife aged 28?)  but it isnt exactly car-crash couture as compared to cheryl. maybe it was cheryl’s unforgivable boots-earrings-tight hair combo that gave her ‘that’ look but beyonce my darling i’m on your side. cheryl-0 beyonce-1



beyonce workin' it


david koma