i’m going to a rave/warehouse party next weekend and i’m in an absolute tizz over what to wear…i mean i don’t want to do an aggy on it and arrive at the party in some last season get up – that would be social suicide. i know from extensive observation that neon is fading, ironic pendants (anything with an owl, whistle or skull on it) are totally morto, gold lamé is cutting it fine, geek-chic glasses are just geek-geek this season and i think brightly coloured skinnies would be the last nail in the sarto-coffin. it’s just so hard to be ahead of the pack all the time y’know? well fear not, i just discovered Jean-Charles de Castelbajac’s first diffusion line JCDC. it’s total panto-chic: a little pocahontas/ annie get your gun with some disney sex appeal thrown in for good measure. but be forewarned peeps, it’s all about the donald – mickey mouse is SO out. feathers, fringing, crimping and he’s gone totally native with like tribal markings on the face.  and like how hot is this – no real models were used in the making of the show. he picked up some dazed street urchins, hanging about london town being generally cool.
well i totally have a pocahontas suit from 1997 – it’s for an 8-yr old, but i think the irony will go down a treat. i also have a fake gun and some chaps from a school play in fifth year – if a spray them with some neon, i reckon i’ll have nailed it.