wearing tan (mans) slacks i commandeered at a festival during the nighttime chill, an i love new york t-shirt, black peter o’brien for a/wear blazer i scored on sale for €20 a few years ago, black ankle boots from sacha london and a fur stole i wrangled out of a sisters jacket. (sorry grace) you can see emma watson stealing my look below.


me and emma know whats hot

aside from that, i just caught sight of the tatty devine website and i’m in serious danger of dropping a load on frivolous, unnecessary, whimsical, absurdist jewels. not so much jewels as plastic tat and metal, but i heart it so. i make no secret of my obsession with the tash (all stemming from the one and only ‘pat the tash’. injoke) and so i honed in on this little gem. i’m also partial to the zipper broach. all the jewellery is just so random – like taking literal inspiration to another level entirely…’oh, look at that discarded chicken kebab wrapper with garlic sauce oozing out the side, i think i’ll make a broach out of that’.


if you can't grow 'em, wear 'em


take THAT broken zippers

and on a completely irrelevant sidenote, check out their collection of mags and zines – i’m particularly drawn to the TWEE zine – based around the club night in london (why don’t we have club nights like that in dublin?) and some of the rachel ortas greetings cards.


possibly the best word in the world

i like getting cardsso cute, why don’t more people send cards?