Imagine to my chagrin, a male colleague mentioned that my outfits had been “too grey” in recent weeks. The cheek! I am quite partial to the grey palette…I have a cornucopia of jackets, coats, scarfs, t-shirts, jumpers, tops and dresses in various tones of grey. It’s just so goddamn versatile. I often dribble in a splash of obnoxious colour, like neon green or turqoise blue, but admittedly of late I have been relying on my gold chains to liven up my outfits. Well in revolt, today I am like a Jackson Pollack canvas. I have my stonewash jeggings, white cons, a hot pink poloneck, a multicoloured, neon-tinged, tunic-sundress from Lux, multiple gold chains (one broken and tied together in a knot, one from a charity shop and my new nerd necklace), my huge grey woolen cardigan from the Designers Remix Collection and a massive woollen pink scarf from TK Maxx (ala Carrie in SATC movie, standing alone on her porch, rethinking her future without Big, wearing skinnies, leather jacket and the massive woolen scarf).  I am Jennie and The Technicolour Dreamcoat.


Feeling a little grey?


Just add this and shake