after reading jennie’s post i started to realise myself that she was completely right. x-factor fashion needs a serious adjustment. not only were m-equins (man sequins) m-racelets (man bracelets) and m-ecklaces (yeah i think you get the idea) on display but the female judges outfits on more than one occasion just did not add up! Now I must say, dani minogue has had a few fabulous wow! outfits on and off stage since this seasons new x-factor began. It’s quite clear that she’s become more a lot more comfortable with herself and isn’t forever competing with the colourful, big haired, wide-smiled size 4 pop starlet cheryl cole. Hate to say it cheryl but this year dani is well ahead in the style stakes. An outfit of cheryl’s that i found particularly horrifying (although she did wear it on halloween so maybe it was to fit in with the theme hmmm…?) was the david koma catastrophe she wore last saturday night. I wasn’t sure if it was a set of alloys glued to the material or whether she stole madonnas infamous cones and ironed them flat? but whatever it was i hope it shall never be seen again apart from possibly on the ‘worst dressed’ list in look magazine. It’s nice to see that money cant buy you style…


the offending article


wheels in motion

komaselectiona whole slew of infinitely superior david koma creations…