Couldn’t let this superb article pass by…Hadley Freeman in the Guardian swooped down on a very real conundrum posed by a homosexual reader. Lest there be any confusion, commentary was made in response to/in the aftermath of/ inspired by Nick Griffin on BBC’s Question Time



Nick Griffin referred to “militant homosexuals” on Question Time. Could you advise me what to wear to act on my “militant homosexual” tendencies?

Vincent Finney, Edinburgh

Excellent question, Mr Finney, excellent question indeed. In fact, as the whole universe was watching Q******* T*** (sorry, after seeing the name of that show in precisely 2,789,647 newspaper articles recently, my computer refuses to type the words in full) the other week, and I sat gazing at dear, sweet Nick Griffin, his eyes gently crossing, his brow wetly sweating, his suit distinctly shining, I – along with everyone else at home, I’d wager – thought, Why hasn’t anyone given that man a job as a fashion adviser? Can you imagine? “Ask Nick.” Just brilliant. He’d be so maverick, too. And so knowledgable about where to find those suits that bunch just so around the shoulders. But let’s move swiftly on before any jokes about what Nick would think is “the new black” become impossible to suppress.