is it ever ok for guys to wear sequins? what about sequins, an assortment of cocktail rings, silver bomber jackets and jeans tucked into ankle boots? one needs to be suitably hip, pimp, dandy or eccentric to pull these off and JLS (X-factor rejects from ’08 with suprise ’09 success) are none of these. shame on you X-factor stylists. and whilst i’m on a rant, who honestly thought that colour-coding bands in ‘complementary’ tones was a visual aesthetic that works? and must twins were identically camp, garish outfits week in, week out? and please please please – will they let the waistcoat-skinny scarf die already? i’m going to save the final, all-encompassing X-factor rant for another post, but after watching this evening, i felt compelled to comment on the shocking JLS get-up…


jlsmatchy-matchy <pukey-pukey>

jedward1yes that’s right, not one but two