olivia palermo was a nonentity for me up until a quick catch up with new season the city. she was just some spoilt brat richkid and wannabe actress/designer/stylist/gal about town from the first season. she spiced things up initially with her out-and-out bitchiness, (anyone remember her telling whitney not to bring her personal problems to work? not professional apparently) but other than that she just simpered and whimpered in the corner of the TV somewhere. well saddle me up and call me daisy, she is on fire* this season. she has the layered look down to a fine art, seriously knows how to work a pair of shorts and she ‘ain’t accessories editor at elle girl for ‘nuthin. well actually,  i’m sure she was for a huge price negotiated by her agent and the marketing people at MTV and elle girl.  but that is besides the point, she knows bling, she knows discreet, she knows complementary, she knows statement, she knows fun, she knows irony – the whole spectrum of jewelery wearing, she knows it*.  although the hair is beautiful, it is a little too sleek and glossy and loreal for me (read: extensions) but she does always look perfectly coiffed and i respect that. and her shoes –  one step ahead of the gang at all times…

NOT fierce, but on fire

*on fire = jennie expression; not to be confused with ‘fierce’ – tyra banks meaningless answer/question to everything in life.

* im sure some of you were unaware of the various factors behind jewelery display but they are many and varied. there is an art, a psychology and a lightness of touch to it.