I don’t know how you feel about jumpsuits but I have always been very wary of them – can only the 6ft goddesses of the catwalk carry off such a look? Or is it for us mere mortals as well? I’ll admit during the summer I was tempted to purchase the summer version of the jumpsuit – the playsuit; so many cutsey floral designs and demure suits for evening wear… but every time I tried one on I transformed into a frumpy dumpy doughball (not unlike the all-American favourite The Pillsbury Doughboy).  So you can understand my hesitation about the winter version of the playsuit, BUT, as I was browsing online something jumped (hee hee) out at me and immediately I wanted to purchase it (although I think I must find some alternatives in the shops to try on before I buy online). The jumpsuit is a perfect fashion forward alternative to dresses; the question is: can I pull it off??

image1xlthe look i want.

pillsbury-dough-boynot the look i want…