Firstly, I would just like to say very sorry for the lack of effort on my behalf. To my sisters and all you readers. I seem to have been ‘off the radar’ for a while as Jennie would put it and now that I’m back on it, I’d just like to express my opinion about something:

I must say I couldn’t agree more with Jennie’s well stated- case of the lost jackets. I can greatly sympathise with her with regard to this. For me, buying a jacket is one of those great things in life, like finding the most perfectly fitted jeans (If in doubt buy Jeggings-Fashions newest answer to the most comfortable, best fitted jeans. Am still a tad unsure about them but bought a pair anyway) or actually coming out of the hairdressers not close to tears! In my 17 years I have had the misfortune of losing 2 Jackets.

Case Study 1: A steel grey bomber from topshop that I bought about 4 years ago but only started to wear about 2 years ago. Lost it at a festival during the summer. I suppose it was my fault for thinking a jacket that nice would survive a 3 day festival.

Case Study 2: The black blazer that I bought from Mango (Refer to previous posts to see a picture of it) was curiously ‘misplaced’ by one of the sisters I think?  By the way, If the culprit is reading this, all will be forgiven If the jacket is dry cleaned and left in my room immediately!

Finally I’d just like to say if anyone has any comments or similar stories regarding misplaced garments, please feel free to leave a comment!