having a(nother) casual day at work. white shirt – actually off-white. more  grey really – i have never mastered the white wash setting on the machine.  bobbled cardigan, black skinny jeans, hair pulled back in an elastic band found on the floor in the office.  battered leather jacket, possibly smelling of booze from saturday night. and no make up. to complete this look, i was planning on wearing my cons. with big, comfortable black sports socks. real thick ones. my cons that i left in the car. or so i thought. i arrive in my parking space outside work, check for the appropriate footwear, only to realise – shock, horror – they are not there. in the giant cons-shaped-hole in my car are my elegant, black, high-heeled shoe boots. with open toe.  nothing else. so i hobble into work (sprained ankle) looking rough-as, brandishing the fabulous shoe-boots and a lot of black sports sock.  stylish i think not.