i really, really like shoes.  not obsessively so, not in a 100-pairs-still-in-boxes-limited-edition-coated-in-formaldehyde-to-preserve kinda way…i like high shoes,  statements shoes and yes, impractical shoes. or so i thought. take a look at these babies below Bruno Frisoni is his name and he has a lot to answer for…





there are some points i would like to make. what if, like me, you have collapsed arches? where do the orthopedic insoles go? i don’t see any room. on a similar note – what of bad ankles? dodgy knees? what if you have bunions? blisters? hobbit toenails? maybe now i see why people have collections of shoes preserved in formaldehyde and neatly organised into labelled boxes in their wardrobes. not obsessive, practical.