“Most people who know me know I don’t follow fashion”.

A quote from her Nylon column, which is absolutely bombing. Bellyflopping even. I feel the girl deserves a catchphrase. I’m gonna suggest ‘Oh Peaches’, as in ‘Oh Peaches, you haven’t done a pointless, staged PR shot again? One that shows off your tats so we know how hardcore and alternative you are?’  ‘Oh Peaches, you haven’t gone and spouted a load of drivel again about the meaning of life and Byron and contemporary art-lite?’ She is on a one-way ticket to alienation if she doesn’t pull her socks up. She’s pretty, wealthy and intelligent (when you sidestep the pretension), but if she keeps pulling ‘shocking’ stunts (topless beach shots, marriage, affected body art, and a failing  hipster bible – Disappear Here) she’ll have to be shipped off to bootcamp. Latest shots of her new Ultimo range – a 50’s style aimed at teenagers. Does anybody want to see their teenage sister/daughter/neighbour/friend pulling Lolita poses as Peaches suggests?