So after a very busy bank holiday weekend (and the suffering afterwards), I am only getting the chance to blog now. As you may know it was Ladies Day last Friday at Punchestown ( horse racing meets fashion and the hoi polloi). I had been looking forward to it for weeks but unfortunatley/fortunatley I got a job interview (I say this because in the end I didn’t get it, but I did get some work  experience). Anyway,  more to the point, I decided I would miss Ladies day, go to the interview and come back and go to the afters in the pub. Two outfits – one day.

So outfit numero uno: as it was a promotional job type I decided formal-casual was the order for the day. I wore my grey high waisted, not-quite-tulip skirt, with my red checkered shirt from Penneys and a lighter grey cardie over that. I teamed this outfit with a borrowed pair of knee high wedged boots (Jennies’). Finished this look with some wonderfully tacky gold jewellery (also Jennies’).

Sarah interview 

So after this I had to rush home and get ready for a night of fashionable debauchery! I wore a Michael Kors black and silver animal print dress with a pair of black wedges (Jennies’), some chunky silver jewellary and a faded denim jacket completed this look (Jennies’)!

Sarah Dress - Copy