My jacket-not the best oicture but you get the idea

My jacket - not the best picture but you get the idea

Ok. I know this question may be a little late and seem a little obvious   what with all the blazers being flaunted over every fashion mag nationwide – but i still wasn’t sure. On a recent shopping trip in Mango, the question ‘to blazer or not to blazer’ popped into my head, after seeing this beautifuly tailored jacket above. It was well fitted, with lovely detail and if that wasn’t enough,  it was priced at a mere 40 yoyo’s.  I pondered about what to wear it with. Floaty florals in the summer, skinnies tucked into boots in the winter and possibly everthing else in my wardrobe for those in-betweeny months. I thought about every ‘trend-head’ I’d ever seen. It seemed anyone who was into their fashion had one. Was it too trendy? Too ‘fashionable’? Too cool? and then I thought about what an investment it would be… Every stylish person in living -blazer- history had one…from Presidents to Royalty to Kate Moss. It had never been outdated. And I imagined it never would be. ‘Hmm… an investment piece for only 40euro?’ Needless to say Mango was one blazer down by the time I left.