As the day is almost upon us, (Ladies Day at Punchestown for the philistines) now might be a prescient time to wager bets for best dressed at Punchestown. As it is down the road from our humble abode (residing in the blessed Eadestown as we do), it would be simply rude not to attend. I, in fact, am not, but the sisters are. And there has been a lot of preparation.

Last year, Aoidin Sammon won, and a nice outfit it was. I find it difficult to judge ‘racing fashion’ as it favours colour coordination (usually in a pastel palette) and a standard dress-to-hat-size ratio which I find terribly monotonous. Is there room for edgy, fashion-forward dynamism? Perhaps my sisters will break the rules. What will they wear? Flats or heels? Clutch or strap? Blazer or cropped? Pictures anon.


Aoidin Sammmon/ Winner 08

Aoidin Sammon/ Winner 08