Well in response to my earlier post about the new trouser shape, I bought myself a fetching pair of denim harem pants in Stradivarius. They are slightly faded, voluminous in shape with some big brass buttons around the hips. They were piloted with a crisp white shirt (brand new) – puffball sleeves and minimal collar. I wore my purple suede, corked heels from Bimba and Lola (check out their fantastic site and olde-timey music!) to give the much needed height necessary for such pants. The first viewings were with children in a drama group I was interviewing for research. No comments were passed. I took this as a good sign. Emboldened, I revived a pair of genie-style denim trousers I bought in Urban Outfitters nigh-on five years ago. I am wearing them today with my Oxfam booties, a stripey geansai from American Eagle (nicked off a younger sister…Grace, I believe it’s yours…), some lightly layered silver necklaces and lockets, and my cocktail ring. I have scrapped back greasy hair and a pale face to finish. Shabby chic. How is it going? Well, my male friend asked me what was up with my ‘balloon pant’s’ and ‘was I planning on parachuting anywhere?’ I think the harem pants will be saved for strictly fashion-oriented events from now on.