Being the third youngest or fourth eldest of the sisters (whichever way you choose to look at it) I can’t help but find it nerve-racking to post my first entry onto our wonderful blog, but alas the time has come and here I go…

Before the last few months had occurred and we survived a brief encounter with the fashion world – that being New York fashion week of course – my experience in high fashion is regretfully…well none! In spite of this, I have no problem creating my own little fashion world out of basic materials, high street clothes and not-so-size zero modelling. The lighting, styling and photo-shopping is unfortunately not as idealistic as we’d like it to be but, for now, before my dream, of living, sleeping and breathing the New York fashion highlife, it will just have to do.

Our version of photo shop


Basically our ‘vision’ for the ‘shoot’ was a mad tea party…colours, lovely dresses delicious cakes and of course a unique style made it perfect. The brave faces we painted were just that -brave- (mid-December was the date)

oh so cold but oh so chic

And so the moral in today’s blog states, in the words of none other than Coco Chanel, ‘fashion fades, only style remains the same’… so enjoy, play and basically have fun with fashion, as you know in fashion one day its in, the next its out… So get your camera out and start snapping. Happy styling everyone!