Filthy BassLast Friday, I threw caution to the wind and brought myself along to Kaboogie – a dubstep/grime night in Dublin. I’m in the throes of research at the moment – statistics and interviews and whatnot, so a night on the tiles was a little riské. For those of you uninitiated, a dubstep night consists of a large group of sweating men heaving to some blistering bass. It’s a bass that makes your chest shake. There are a few lassies flinging about in the middle, but it’s quite a male-dominated genre of music. I, however, love it. It is not without it’s difficulties and that of course is what to wear. Logistically speaking, the nights are generally thronged with people in a dank, cavernous venue, sweat dripping from the ceilings, with dance moves that vary from ‘ground pounding’ to the ‘body heave’. Fashion-wise, it’s a sea of baggy jeans and baseball caps. I used to try and dress appropriately, sensitive to the crowd and sensitive to my feet, but on Friday I said ‘no thanks, the gloves are off and the heels are on’. I wore black skinny jeans with some spindly black ankle boots and a sexy, loose-fitting DKNY black top with gold studding. A dark grey wool cropped jacket by Lux topped it off. I may have been over-dressed, I may have been over-sexed, but damn, I looked good. Or well, alright at least.