Buying in Pennys is definitely nobodies shameful little secret anymore. In these times of doom and gloom recession, the less you spend on your look, the more you are celebrated for your style – getting plenty of notches on the fashion post if you will. But we all know how great Pennys can be for picking up a cutsie dress or some great imitation shoes (that aren’t going to break the piggy bank), but is it really possible to get the whole ensemble from this low-end high street chain store?? Well I have decided to find out by setting myself a wee challenge…I’m going to attempt to buy a complete outfit from head to toe incorporating 5 of the key fashion trends of the season (neon, animal print, new trouser shape, oriental, floral, boyfriend blazer, trench coat, statement jewellery and the list goes on…) Oh and as of this credit crunch I can only spend a miserable €50 on the lot! Hmmm wish me well my fashionable friends…..pennys