I agree..I think a celebration is in order that nu-rave is finally becoming now an oh-so-no-rave…skins made  electric, pill-popping colours way too mainstream and the sight of another acid windsheeter, bubble pink ray-ban, technicolour nikey cladded teeney-bopper would be just too horrific. But luckily I think the new series of Skins has actually adhered to this. While naturally retaining the over-the-top shock factor that made Skins so popular in the first place…the show has shown a major re-adjustment in terms of style with catwalk inspired looks replacing the druggie party fashion of the previous series. Just check out Effie’s signature layered gold chain look…anyone reminded of Givenchy’s Autumn/Winter ’08 look?

Layered chains

 Or how about Emily’s cute printed cardigans…according to Christopher Kane we’ll all be wearing them this Spring/Summer…

Printed cardigan

So maybe we should all be keeping an eye on the new and improved fashionable cast of the Skins. With Spring in motion and Summer around the corner, my eye will be closely cast on Naomi’s intruiging clash of florals…

Naomi-style setter?