Today, I am feeling casual. Casual and sluggish. Usually, to combat sluggishness, I like to power-dress. Well, relatively speaking. This way you project an image that makes people question their own dress, rather than lasering right through you to uncover your sluggishness. However, today I gave in to it. Not whole-heartedly, for that means tracksuit bottoms and multiple hoodies and I had to be out and about today. Rather, I donned a pair of jeans with turn-ups, a man’s round-neck jumper in dark grey (I just found it in my wardrobe), a grey leather jacket that has the smell of one-too-many parties on it and needs a good scrub. To give it a bit of a lift, I put on a silver chain link necklace and a damn fine scarf. A statement scarf. Tis a lovely grey woollen thing, vast in girth with a lovely Alpine design at the bottom. No photographic evidence as that doesn’t work well with sluggishness.