Cocktail Rings. The great pretender – conveying wealth and means and aspiration. Also quite stylish. I do like a good piece of chunky, ‘look at me now’ statement jewelery. An outfit is nothing without an accessory, according to my wise Mum. Indeed it can elevate the modest ten-a-Pennys dress to a directional feat. Anyway, once again, I must discuss the practicalities of the damn thing. I have a lovely piece from Frill (nice boutique in Kilcullen, Kildare) , reduced from nearly 200e to 30e. It definitely looks the business. But, for example, if it is too cold, I can’t wear it – my gloves don’t fit over it. Also, it can be heavy. And it knocks off/into things. On the plus side, I can gaze at it’s majestic beauty and feel superior to everyone around me.